Online Gambling South Africa Legal Platforms to Join 2019/2020

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Having looked at blackjack online, next is knowing where to play it. We now focus on the South African market and discuss the casinos available to players in this region. Here you’ll learn of the games, services and free promotions with are open to all South African player in need of the perfect online casino.

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What’s new with South African casinos? In the past two to three years, Southern Africa has seen a huge increase in online casino providers entering the market. The casinos are fully licensed to service players in these territories and because of the number, we felt it was best to give guidance and advice, so you don’t fall for the wrong kind of casino online.

Our guide is built by a team of experts that have both played games professionally and worked within the industry. Our goal is to get you inside of a casino you can trust. Have access to the best online casino games, access to the biggest jackpot prizes and have 5-star service from reliable casino sources.

Online Casino South Africa: Putting players first

Whilst the rest of the world was enjoying the freedom to play whatever they wanted. The South African national lottery was pretty much the only form of gambling in South Africa, with some minor sport betting options on the side. In short, it was very stale compared to what could have been at the time.

Now the market is the focus of hundreds of casino operators looking to provide a more improved dimension, all legal and all secure.

The time has now come for players to experience what they had before, on a bigger scale. You will still be able to play lottery games, enjoy sports betting, but with the added feature of online casino slot machines, progressive jackpot games with prizes over the million Rand mark. There is the option of live dealer games and tournaments to play against other casino members.

The world of online casino gaming is now available to all players in the Southern region and through this guide, you will be able to understand the level of opportunity you can now profit from in a very big way. First, we discuss the legal side of things, so you get a clearer picture of the facts and then we will reveal all about the options you are finally able to pick from.

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Over at, you will find the top 10 South African casinos to join. These top 10 online casinos are fully regulated and licensed platforms that provide security for your general game time, personal details and banking. They have regulated services so that everything is fair and meets the standards set by gambling bodies that are approved by the NGB of South Africa. In them, you will find reputable banking feature to control your transactions and they will also supply you with the best free online casino bonuses for African players to use and win real money from for free! These are the best south African casino options and here’s how and why!

Best Online Casinos: Award-Winning entertainment and service

The gambling laws and acts in place do not merit gambling online as an illegal act, it is not banned, but rules that those wishing to play and participate, must do so through online casinos which are not registered in South Africa, but overseas. So how does this process work?

The short version of events is like this… No government will want to openly be seen to encourage gambling, they will allow other overseas sites to provide a service, they will, in turn, charge the casino an annual fee, this is how they make their money.

A casino that is registered overseas will have a license already obtained. For example, a casino will be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. They will then approach the South African National Gambling Board and apply to provide their service to the people in the South. The NGB will see that the UK license is official and grant them to supply their service online. If the casino had no license, the NGB would reject their appeal.

The overseas rule is pretty much the same for every country out there. But because of loopholes in the governing laws and the ability for governments to still make money from the gambling industry, these processes are common worldwide.

The African online casinos that you can trust and win real ZAR money from

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From the best casinos online comes a greater chance of success. The licensed sites are regulated; therefore, games are tested to make sure players have a fair chance of success. Other services are checked for honesty, like the casino bonuses you can claim from the sites which enable players to enjoy real money casino games for free.

The casinos inside of the top 10 listings have the best structures in place to give their members an opportunity for success. Each platform is worthy of the number one spot and the list will update over time to suit the quality of service each casino provides. If any new online casino should come along that merits a top 10 spot, then they will be added.

Free South African Casino Games: Claim your exclusive bonus today

This is merely a guide to show you what is out there. You can take a look at the online casino list and decide for yourself. Each casino is reviewed independently, you can read from the reviews about the games each site has. We discuss the software in place, the banking options open to South African players, the customer support and the latest promotion deals you can claim.

The best online casinos listed each provide an exclusive, yet limited time only offer to all new members. The welcome bonus is available to play for free across all their gaming platforms. What you’ll find within each are thousands of online slots, virtual table games like blackjack, craps, poker and roulette and there iare also live dealer versions of these games.

Take a look and where you play and what you decide to win for fortune from, we wish you the best of luck. Enjoy!

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